Thursday, February 16, 2006

"Lost" - One of Them

“One of Them” – Sayid Story.

“My name is Sayid Jarrah, and I am a torturer.” Pretty bad-ass. I thought that Sayid story was cool, but I wasn’t quite sure what was going on in the back story. They wanted Sayid to torture his own superior, but the US could have easily done it because it’s revealed in the end that the Army official (ably played by Clancy Brown) spoke the language. Perhaps in this day and age, showing US soldiers torturing Iraqis may be considered a tad taboo, so showing another Iraqi doing it is ok. But then what happened to Sayid? He was just a torturer from then on? Was he working for the US for a while, because in a previous back story he was working with the CIA to give up those Sydney suicide bombers?

Overall, I liked the A-story (although the back story looked nothing like Iraqi – more like a Van Nuys back lot’s version of it). And Sayid beating the crap out of our new friend Henry Gale was great – you know that guy’s an Other by that look he gave Sayid when Jack stopped him.

And what’s with Jack? One minute he wants to build an army to attack the Others, and the next he’s coddling this strange man who no one knows? Stop flip-flopping, Jack! Let Sayid kick his ass and find out exactly who he is.

B-story: Sawyer and Hurley look for a frog. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Sawyer: “Why don’t you shut up bamo? Or your ranch disorder is gonna be the new lead item on the coconut internet.” One of those stories that makes you bang your head against a wall in frustration.

All right, now let’s get into the cool stuff. So, the clock goes down to zero, and then some weird pics come up. What were they? You can see them here:

What do they mean:

Some say it’s the Egyptian word for “die”. Why Egyptian hieroglyphics? Cause the writers enjoy driving us crazy. And how did Locke prevent whatever impending doom was about to happen? Three words, “Control, Alt, Delete.”

Here’s what some Internet chatter says about some points you may have missed:

- “When Sayid is traveling in the vehicle with American soldiers, one of them is the man Kate thought was her father for a long time, Sgt. Sam Austen. He is also holding a picture of Kate.”

- “Henry Gale” is Dorothy’s Uncle from the Wizard of Oz. And he’s flying a hot air balloon to Australia (or “Oz”).

- - This site has a simulated Hatch computer that you could type things in to. The computer is gone for now, but if it comes back, I’ll let you know.

Score (out of a possible 20)
Back Story: 6.5
Island Story: 5 (lost major points for the frog story)
Overall: 11.5


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