Thursday, April 06, 2006

"Lost" - Dave

“Dave” – Hurley Story

You gotta hand it to the Lost writers, they DO make Hurley stories interesting. Regardless of the fact that it was a complete departure from anything that might move the overall plot forward, it was entertaining. But how lame and after-school-specialy was it when Hurley destroyed his stash of food? I mean, they still ARE on a deserted island – share the wealth, I’m sure other people like ranch dressing.

So let’s get into it. We find out the Hurley’s past included an incident where he stepped on a deck and broke it, causing two people to die (Oh, and there were 23 people on the deck – we get it, the numbers are everywhere). After this event, Hurley goes into some sort of catatonic vegetative state, then binge eats, then gets institutionalized where he hallucinates Dave, the manifestation of a former divorce lawyer on Sex and the City. Dave is always getting Hurley to eat, and finally disappears once Hurley is shown the photo the doctor took of Hurley putting his arm around nobody (anybody else immediately get that Dave was imaginary at the moment that picture was taken?)

Once Hurley starts seeing Dave on the island, he starts to flip out. Even though hallucinations are probably as common as sunburns on the island, Hurley has some real interaction with “Dave”. The big twist: Dave convinces Hurley that the entire crash and everything after (as well as years before) is all in Hurley’s mind being played out as the real Hurley lies at the Santa Rose Mental Hospital in yet another catatonic state.

Let’s pause here for a second. It’s moments like these where I really do like “Lost” – after this moment, I questioned everything I had seen over the past two seasons. Not only that, but I was also full of intense rage if this actually WAS what was happening and would put Lost in the annuls of television infamy right next to the Dallas “it was all a dream” reveal. All these thoughts whizzed around my head for a few minutes until Libby came in to burst that bubble. She’s able to convince Hurley that Dave is full of shit, and that it couldn’t all be in his mind because he wasn’t aware of details pertaining to her experiences on the other side of the island. Then we find out that Libby was also a guest of Santa Rosa at the same time that Hurley was there.

So what does this mean? I don’t know, but if this doesn’t beg for a Libby back story, I don’t know what does. Why was she in the hospital, or more importantly, why was she in Australia and aboard Oceanic 815? There’s a lot of speculation that Libby is an Other, a Dharma (which some people have put into a separate category from the Others – Dharma’s are the people on the island as part of the Dharma Initiative experiment, whereas Others are people who ended up on the island and began a savage society while inhabiting the abandoned hatches – just a theory). A lot of people think Libby a spy, and she was in Australia following Hurley who was on his way to possibly figuring out what the numbers mean. Or maybe Libby was on a similar journey like Hurley, after all, she knew crazy Leonard, too. Or maybe the whole thing is in Libby’s head since it was her point of view in the last scene – which is something that hasn’t been done in episode. Either way, something tells me that something interesting is going to befall Libby before the season ends.

Oh, and Hurley kicking Sawyer’s ass was pretty fun to watch.

In other island news, our buddy (not) Henry Gale tells Locke that he didn’t actually enter the numbers in the hatch, but rather described seeing the hieroglyphics, then hearing the roaring electromagnet do something, then the numbers reset themselves. I remember when Locke was the man with the answers, but this season he’s like a marionette, with Gale pulling the strings. We all know Gale’s a liar, possibly an Other, definitely a rabble-rouser, so why can’t Locke just kick his ass? We saw him lay the smack down on Charlie, and Gale’s tied up! But seriously, I do miss the Locke of season one, and I’m not too thrilled about the new hot-head impulsive Locke of season 2.

Score (out of a possible 20)
Back Story: 8
Island Story: 6 (cool, but no advancement of the overall story)
Overall: 14

Other tidbits:
- Hurley was involved in a collapsing deck accident that resulted in 2 deaths. The platform was only supposed to hold 8 people, but had 23 people on it (15 people over the maximum). At the time that Hurley went onto the platform, there were 16 people over the maximum and the deck collapsed (from “Lostpedia”)
- Columnist Jeff Jensen does a fairly frequent Lost article where he offers his own theories and invites comments from readers. It has some cool stuff worth checking out. But I’m wary, he could very well be in contact with the writers of Lost and could steer us in directions they want us viewers to go. If you’d like to discuss more outrageous conspiracy theories, I’ll be staying at Santa Rosa drooling on myself while connected to a steady Throazine drip.


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