Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Cletus and Brandine in "Chaotic"

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I tried to watch "Chaotic" last night, but three minutes into I started to get really nauseous. I don't know if was the jarring handi-cam movements, the sound of Britney saying "Ya'll" 500 times, or having to look at Britney's un-make-up'd face from about 3 inches away. Most likely it was a combination of all three. I thought this was going to be another "Newlyweds"-type thing - you know, where boring, attractive celebrities entertain us by watering the lawn and watch TV. I wasn't prepared for the first-person point of view, which made me feel really bad for the poor editor of this train-wreck.

But I'm sure the ratings were through the roof, so it's good to see Britney actually succeed at something for a change.

Check out this funny Flash video about Britney and K-Fed called "Preggers: The Life of Britney Spears"


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