Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Society for Pretentious Lost Fans

I know I usually reserve my Lost blatherings to one email a week, but I’ve found some stuff too precious not to share.

First, USA Today had a huge article on Lost found here:

In the article, they mention a few other sites devoted to discussing the show, but the most interesting one I found was this:

You gotta check this out. This site is for supposed Lost “scholars” who have gotten together to form the Society for The Study of Lost. In the site you’ll find essays (, sonnets (, a master list of all possible topics and theories (, and, my personal favorite, haikus ( I like the one the goes:

four eight fifteen six-
teen twenty-three forty-two
they must mean something

And if you like, you can visit The Caves ( Notice the sub-heading, “Seek here the springs of wisdom.”

I searched around and found one such spring:

  • In the "If They Do Get Off The Island" thread, a few of us were tossing around humorous epilogues to the show. As this line of silliness developed, I remembered a line from Hotel California (something in response to Jacksgirlfriend, who actually started this whole thought process by suggesting a name for the post-show Island resort I thought the Rich Kids might open). Anyway: In Hotel California there's a line that we are all familiar with (if you know the song): We are all just prisoners here of our own device.
And here I was dismissing any correlations between Don Henley and Lost! For shame!

And if you’re thirsting for more, apparently a collection of essays spewed from the collective minds of these Lost scholars can be found in a book coming out in August called Getting Lost: Survival, Baggage and Starting Over in J.J. Abrams' Lost. Hey, if anyone wants to get me an early Hanukah present, I won’t say no!

The best part is that you can apply for membership into the Society’s selective Google Group message board. I’ve tried to apply, but it seems they’re not taking applicants at this time. Instead I get this:

You cannot view or post messages because you are not currently a member. Members must be approved before joining.

Description: The Society for the Study of Lost is an international organization devoted to the critical appreciation of the televisions series Lost. We invite article submissions, reviews of Lost resources, and applications for board membership of our associated peer-reviewed e-journal, Lost Online Studies.


I just wanted to share my utter disdain for these people. Hey, I can appreciate a good geek-out over a TV show as much as, or probably more than the next guy. But to veil it under this mask of complete pretension is insane. It’s a TV show, not the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Ok then, one small second thing – a new Lost Experience finding.

On the Hanso Foundation website (, I found another couple links to some wackiness. Under “Executive Bios”, under the famous Hanso picture you can click on the date “October 23, 2003”. The click at the bottom of the arrow, the in the now circled date. You’ll see a map that shows the sightings of Hanso. And if you go to the bio of Thomas Middelwerk, there a box to type text in. Type “heir apparent” and see where it goes.

Also, there’s loads of stuff on the site Just check in there to get the skinny on any updates.

That’s all for now. Enjoy tonight’s episode, and Namaste.


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At 9:41 PM, Anonymous cynlou said...

Love to hear all the info. And I thought I was crazed. LOL The layers are never ending. Look up Henry Gale, to Uncle Henry to Paradigm shift to Maxwellian Electromagnetic worldview vs Einsteinian Relativistic,VBX, Kashmir effect...Light is a Electromagnitic Wave....Giddy up!!!


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