Tuesday, May 30, 2006

"Lost" - Live Together, Die Alone

Well, my fellow “Lost” fan brethren, this is the final post before the summer hiatus. Word is the Lost schedule for next year will be a lot less infuriating with six episodes set to air in a row from October to November, then 12 weeks off before airing 17 straight new eps. starting in Feb. (apparently the creators were just as pissed at this past season’s air schedule as the viewers). So until then I’ll have to entertain myself with ABC’s Master of Champions.

“Live Together, Die Alone” – Desmond Episode

“I was wrong” – John Locke, after discovering that pushing the button actually prevented the Apocalypse.

We start with the discovery of the sailboat that Sun pointed out last week. After a few of our shirtless heroes climb aboard, they find out that it’s a drunken, gun-toting Desmond.

Cut to Nighttime. Did anyone else notice the new island mess hall where Jack was hitting the buffet? Anyway, it’s been a few hours, and still no one’s talked to Desmond, who’s content to just sit on the beach and booze. Jack asks why he came back, and Desmond responds that he was headed due west for 2 ½ weeks before he ended up back at the island. Then again, maybe his bearings may have been slightly skewed during his drunken blackouts.

Then we see the first scene of Desmond’s back story. He’s being released from prison and is finally reunited with his Dickens novel, Our Mutual Friend, that he’s vowed to read before he dies. Upon leaving the jail, he sees Charles Widmore (or, as fans of “The O.C.” know him, Caleb Nichol). Widmore is the father of Desmond’s true love, Penelope. He’s been intercepting Desmond’s letters to her in order to ensure that his daughter will move on, and he offers him a bunch of cash to ensure that he won’t try to contact her. In a side note that’s probably only interesting to me: On The O.C., Julie Cooper did the same thing to the Mexican gardener Marissa was dating!

So Sayid finally comes up with a plan the “gain the advantage” on crazy Michael. He’s going to take Desmond’s boat and sail to the other side of the island and scope out the Others. Then he’s going to signal Jack and company to come to the beach and formulate a plan to get Walt. You know, if I were on the island, I’d say, “F@*k that s*@t. I’m taking the boat and sailing as far away from this God-forsaken hell hole as humanly possible. And I bet I could do it better than Drunky McBoozebag over there!” But since I’m stuck in the hell hole that is Hollywood, let’s see where Sayid’s plan take us.

In the hatch, Locke tries to get prevent Eko from pressing the button, but he’s overcome by Eko’s extreme badass-ness and kicked out of the Hatch yelling “We’re puppets on strings!” Get ‘em next time, Locke.

On the beach the troops are gearing up to head over to kick some Others ass. Kate finally chimes in with “Hey, remember all those beards and make-up I found in that hatch. Maybe they’re all pretending.” To which Michael responds with another diatribe of mangled insanity - “They eat fish! They’re more scared of us than we are of them!” Whatever, Crazy.

After Desmond lets Sayid take his boat, we flashback to America, where Desmond runs into… LIBBY! Why is she showing up in everyone’s flashbacks during some gut-wrenching scene? Can we expect her to be the one who tells Rose she has cancer? Or she’s the one who paralyzes Locke? Anyway, Desmond asks for money for a boat so he can race around the world… she has a boat… Blah Blah… she gives it to him… racing for love… SNORE.

Trudging through the jungle, the Losties see a giant swooping bird that may have said Hurley’s name. Everyone’s calm except for crazy Michael, who tries to fire off ten rounds randomly into the air before discovering that Jack gave him an empty gun. Whoops.

In another section of jungle, Charlie walks in on Locke sobbing after Eko kicked him out of the Hatch. Charlie tells him that Desmond’s arrived, which is news to Locke. Where the hell’s he been for the past day? Sitting in the jungle, feeling sorry for himself and weeping? Oh how I miss Season 1 Locke.

We’re then taken back to the stadium where Desmond and Jack first met, only this time we meet Penelope, Desmond’s lost love. We find out that Desmond is racing on this trip around the world not just for love, but also to get his honor back. And what does Desmond do when he’s finally face to face with the object of his affection? – he turns around and runs though a stadium. “Honor” my ass - this guy was in prison! Take a night off, Des.

So Locke finds Desmond and drops the bomb that Dharma Pearl exists and pushing the button is all a big joke – an experiment for people in the Pearl to observe. Desmond’s given three years of his life to pushing that button, so needless to say he’s a little curious. Elsewhere in the jungle, Michael acts shady and weird.

Speaking of weird, on the sailboat, Sayid’s cruising along with his shipmates Jin and the preggers Sun when they see the four-toed foot of what was a giant statue. WTF? Check it out here: http://lost.cubit.net/pics/2x23/foot.jpg

In the Hatch, Desmond and Locke successfully lock Eko out of the computer room by triggering the blast doors. The plan is to let the counter go down to zero. The Man of Faith no longer has any.

This leads to Desmond’s flashback of how he got onto the island. Nothing too flashy – just got caught in a storm and banged his head. He ended up on a beach near the hatch where Kelvin Inman found him. Kelvin’s played by Clancy Brown, who also played Joe Inman in the episode where Sayid becomes a torturer (same person… or twin brother???). Kelvin, who wears a make-shift biohazard suit every time he’s outside, also had a partner, Radzinsky, helping him push the button in the hatch. And his partner was the one who made the edits in the orientation film. And we find out later that he blew his brains out in the hatch.

In the jungle, our team happens upon some Others, and Sawyer manages to take one of them out. At this point Jack confronts Michael in one of his awkward head-bobbing tirades, and everyone’s let in on what Jack already knew. Oh, and Michael confesses to killing Libby and Ana Lucia. I bet now he’s wishing he didn’t shoot himself in the arm.

Back in the hatch, Eko has recruited Charlie to find some dynamite to try to open the blast doors. Desmond’s sure that the dynamite won’t work, which leads us to another flashback showing Kelvin working on the black light map that Radzinsky started. After Eko successfully torches the entire hatch with a giant fireball, we go to another flashback introducing the fail safe.


Yes, it’s true, in this one quick scene we actually learn more information than we have in months. Kelvin tells us that behind the wall is a geologically unique electro-magnet. Also, the “incident” was a leak that causes the charge to build up, and pushing the button is the only thing that can release the charge and prevent it from getting out of control. However, using the fail safe will destroy the whole thing. So basically, the button DOES do something significant, but in the true Lost spirit, Desmond chooses not to share this information with anyone.

Locked in the computer room, Desmond and Locke chat about what Locke really believes. In what I thought was a really good Locke scene, he tells Desmond about how he thought it was his destiny to get into the Hatch, and how his beliefs ended up killing Boone. Then he saw the light emitting from the hatch door and thought it was a sign. “But it was probably just [Desmond] going to the bathroom.” As much as I rip on Locke for going soft, his character really did have a tremendous arc this season which is culminating in this countdown in the hatch. Why Desmond doesn’t just tell John about the magnet and the incident is beyond me. I suppose Locke needs to find this out for himself.

Cut to Sayid and his plan to scope out the Others. He finds out what we’ve all known for a while – that the Others were faking it and that village Michael saw was all a façade, complete with a fake hatch door. We check in with our heroes who’ve discovered a pile of tubes that we know came from Dharma Pearl. They read one of the notebooks that are filled with details of years worth of Hatch activity (“0415 takes a shower”). Could it be that the Pearl was the “rat maze” or “Skinner Box” that Locke thought the Hatch was? After seeing Sayid’s black smoke on the horizon, Jack realizes that Michael’s led them into a trap. All of a sudden, we hear the voices surrounding them, following by the barrage of knock-out darts that not even Jack Shepard can withstand.

We’re now 20 minutes from the end of the world, and Desmond finally questions Locke about the Pearl. Locke gives him the printout from the computer, we leads us to another flashback. In this scene, Desmond notices Kelvin’s suit is ripped, so he follows him out to the jungle. After seeing that Kelvin’s been taking off the suit every time he’s outside, Des follows him further, eventually leading him to his boat. Kelvin says he’s been fixing the boat, and that he’s not even sure if the button’s real. Desmond starts getting real pissed and Kelvin comes clean that he needed a sucker to “save the world” after he left. Desmond spears him into some rocks, accidentally killing him. After realizing what he’s done, Des grabs the fail safe key and runs back to the hatch.

However, in the Hatch, the countdown has reached zero, and the magnet’s starting to go berserk. The computer reads “System Failure”, and all metal objects are being sucked into the wall. Fortunately for Desmond, he manages to push the button before anything noticeably goes wrong.

Unfortunately for the passengers on Oceanic Air flight 815, that little slip up might have caused the plane to crash onto the island, thus ruining everyone’s lives. Whoops. The printout from the Pearl computer confirms that the date the plane crashed was that same as the System Failure.

Cutting back to our captured heroes, Kate, Hurley, Jack, and Sawyer are bound and gagged kneeling at the Pala Ferry (which was mentioned in the Orientation Video for the Pearl). The Ferry approaches, and the apparent leader of the Others approaches which happens to be none other than (not) Henry Gale! How Usual Suspects-y.

Back in the Hatch, we see Charlie and Eko have miraculously survived the fireball, though Charlie’s hearing’s a little off (those loud Driveshaft concerts didn’t help either). In the computer room, Desmond finally tries to convince Locke that pushing the button is real, and that they have to do it. But Locke isn’t swayed, and when Desmond tries to push it himself, Locke finally smashes the computer. Desmond’s sure that he’s killed them all, but Locke’s convinced he’s saved them. Now’s the time for Des to be the hero. He opens the blast doors and searches for his copy of “Our Mutual Friend”, which led me to say, “How the hell’s he going to read a damn novel in three minutes!”

But in the final flashback, we see that day Locke was talking about. 41 days from the plane crash (and from the day Desmond killed Kelvin), we see Desmond at the end of his rope contemplating suicide since he’s the only one who can push the button. He reaches for the Dickens novel and finds a note from Penny, who knew that he would open the book in a moment of great desperation. Here we learn that all you need to survive is one person who loves you, and Penny will be there for him always. At that moment, after throwing a tantrum, he hears Locke banging on the Hatch door outside, and he knows that he’s been saved.

Back in the hatch, Desmond is on his way to “blowing the dam”. The clock hits zero, and, as expected, all hell breaks loose. Whatever was in the hatch that wasn’t destroyed by the fireball is surely being crushed by the magnet. Eko pushes Charlie away and goes to find Locke, who’s standing in the computer room uttering “I was wrong.” Desmond says a prayer, and turns the key.

Cutting back to the tied-up Losties and Others, we hear a weird sound and the sky turns a bright white. Gathering from everyone’s reactions, it doesn’t look pleasant. After a moment, things are back to normal. Although we don’t know the fate of the Hatch, we know that the Hatch door that Locke and the gang blew up said “Quarantine” on it (and were reminded it was there when Eko saw it), and that sucker flew from the Hatch to the beach. Then again, dumb-ass Charlie came stumbling out of the jungle, so it couldn’t have been that bad.

At the ferry dock, (not) Henry Gale holds up his end of the bargain and gives Michael his son back (apparently the Others got more than they bargained for with Walt) along with the ferry and directions to follow a certain course to be rescued. Things seem to be working out for Michael. Henry tells Michael that once he leaves he won’t be able to get back to the island. And even if he tries to tell people on the outside what’s going on, he’ll have to confess to two murders. Ms. Klugh lets Hurley go so he can tell everyone else not to ever come there. Michael leaves with Walt, and Kate, Jack, and Sawyer are “coming home” with the Others, a.k.a. they’re screwed.

Then a pointless scene where Claire kisses Charlie and nobody cares… BUT THEN, one of the most important scenes in the history of the show. Two Portuguese guys are sitting in a station in either the Arctic or Antarctica. They’re playing chess when the computer reads “Electromagnetic Anomaly Detected”. The say something about how they missed it last time (apparently when Desmond triggered the magnet), but this time they’ve got it. And who do they call… Penny Widmore!

And scene!

Phew, that was a long one, so thanks for bearing with me. Now I’ll offer the Pops Interpretations and Predictions Q & A section:

- Why exactly was that scene at the end so cool?

Because for the first time we saw the outside world exist at the same time as the story. That means that there IS an outside world, and the island is not purgatory or the last place people are living on Earth. It’s simply an island existing in the world that people are looking for. And remember, Hurley’s rich too, so he may have people looking as well. But he’s only been gone 66 days, whereas Desmond’s been missing 3 years.

- Did the Hatch blow up when Desmond turned the key? Are Locke and Eko and/or Desmond dead?

In a word, No. I think when Des hit the fail safe, the magnet either exploded or the polarity was immediately reversed with such force as to launch the hatch door all the way to the beach. So is the Hatch useless? Possibly. With the damage from the dynamite, the ensuing fire ball, and the crazy magnet, and the now destroyed computer, I doubt we’ll be seeing much of it in Season 3. Plus, now we have a whole bunch of new sets for Season 3 – The Other’s Camp.

As far as the characters being dead: First, Locke can’t die because he’s a main guy and we still haven’t found out how he was paralyzed. And Eko was right next to Locke, so I’m sure he’s okay. As far as Desmond goes, he just had a two-hour back story. His death would be too unsatisfying for the story. We don’t know why he was in prison, and his relationship with Penny Widmore may be the key to everyone getting rescued. Plus he’s a great character.

- What’s with that weird, four-toed statue?

You got me, but I found this:

The statue also seems familiar to the statue described in this summary of "Headlong Hall" by Thomas Love Peacock:

"The place is quite a wilderness," said Squire Headlong: "…Here you see is the pedestal of a statue, with only half a leg and four toes remaining: there were many here once."

But who the hell knows.

- Kelvin said he was working for the Dharma Initiative. Was he the same guy as the soldier in Iraq with Sayid?

Not sure if he is that same guy or the guy’s twin brother. Lost likes twins (ie. “Bad Twin”), but the lostpedia.com site says that Kelvin’s full name is Kelvin Joe Inman, so they might be the same person.


- Was Kelvin trying to lure Desmond outside with his ripped body suit?

This one’s confusing to me since that was the day the plane crashed. If Kelvin was trying to lure Desmond away, was it because he knew that on that day the magnet had to pull the plane out of the sky? Did Kelvin work for Widmore, or was he a Dharma employee that went rogue? After all he was making the black light map, which showed that he was scouting the island for other hatches and mapping the terrain. But it didn’t make too much sense that Kelvin would just give up on pushing the button that easily. Then again, after two seasons of watching everyone’s story of how fate put them on that plane, perhaps it was a coincidence.

- Where’s that actress who played Penny Widmore from?

“Mind of the Married Man.” But she was also in “The Librarian: Quest for the Spear”.

- What do the numbers on that print log from the Pearl mean?

Well, to Desmond it made perfect sense: 0922044:16 = 9/22/04 at 4:16. But a close up of the numbers in the Pearl (shown here: http://lost.cubit.net/pics/2x21/printout.jpg) shows something like 41602063:05 and 41602064:58. If the last three numbers are the time, then it works out – each number is roughly 108 minutes after the previous one. But the dates don’t match. What date is 4160206?

- What did the computer screen in the Arctic station say?

Delivery Subsystem 550 Requested action taken:
> Received: by with SMTP id m12mr1134484nfg:
> Received: by 10,29.30.1 with HTTP
> Message-ID: Subject: AUTOMATED TEST
> MIME-Version: 1.0
> Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
> Content-Disposition: inline

1bbybby 77111790v****systems normal**** 76555-222-0

zzzzzzz330 7711346 ****systems normal**** QX10022005-CHI



Delivery Subsystem 550 Requested action taken:
> Sent: by with SMTP id m11mr1134484nfg
> Sent: to 10,49.31.1 with HTTP



- What else might I have missed?

The Hurley Bird: http://lost.cubit.net/pics/2x23/hurleyBird.jpg

Penelope’s Address: http://lost.cubit.net/pics/2x23/letters.jpg

Penny was living in Knightsbridge, which is the same city that Lucy Heatherton was living in (Lucy is the girl that Charlie cons in Season 1 - ends up taking a job for her father's copier company).

Countdown Glyphs: http://lost.cubit.net/pics/2x23/completeGlyphs.jpg
- Means “Death”

Charles Widmore: http://lost.cubit.net/pics/2x23/charlesWidmore.jpg

First, there was in the WIDMORE CONSTRUCTION banner in the London skyline in Charlie's flashback "Fire + Water". Then, there was the WIDMORE LABS logo on the pregnancy kit Sun uses. And, finally, Henry Gale's balloon had a WIDMORE LABS logo printed on the side.

- So what can we expect from Season 3?

A whole lot of Others. Where they live, how they came to the island, maybe some back stories (like Henry Gale’s and Alex Rosseau’s). Also, don’t forget that Sayid, Jin, and Sun are very close to them, so I’d expect a search and rescue operation in the works for the premiere.

Also, expect some more lovin’, from Charlie and Claire and hopefully Rose and Bernard.

There could also be some fallout from not having a giant magnet on the island, like Locke not being able to walk.

- So did you like the finale?

Every scene but the one with Libby and the Charlie/Claire scene at the end.

Score (out of a possible 20)
Back Story: 8
Island Story: 9
Total: 17

See you in another life, brothers.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

"Lost" - Three Minutes

“Three Minutes” – Michael Story

Welcome to the penultimate “Lost” post. The episode “Three Minutes” starts off with a little flashback to thirteen days ago in the Hatch where Michael has another IM convo with Walt. I don’t remember exactly what it said, but I think it was something like:

RaftBuilder46: Walt, r u ok?
PsychicBoy: IMO, these Others are Wack-Donalds.
RaftBuilder46: LOL! Where’d u hear that?
PsychicBoy: Nevermind, come get me!
RaftBuilder46: Where r u?
PsychicBoy: Uh, there’s a rock, and some sky… I think some trees.
RaftBuilder46: Got it. TTYL!

Cut to the present day, where Michael is burning a list of names outside the Hatch. Jack invites him back inside for the first of many manic conversations Michael has about going to get the Others. Now, the audience is aware of Michael’s ulterior motive, even though at this point it’s not exactly sure what it is. But how does anyone NOT realize how ridiculous he’s being? He’s been gone for two weeks, and now that he’s back, the man who was bound, gagged, and locked in the Hatch has escaped, two people are shot dead, and Michael’s suggesting they leave with just five people, none of which are the Iraqi-trained military torturer. All this before the dead bodies are even cold!

Luckily this episode has an island back story, which are usually interesting ones. We follow Michael on his mission to find Walt when he runs into an Other taking a piss. This Other’s known as Pickett, and you may recognize him as “Buck” from Kill Bill (http://lostpedia.com/wiki/Pickett). Suddenly MC Gainey (aka Mr. Friendly or Zeke) comes from behind and disarms Michael and ends up throwing a bola at his feet to trip him up (is there no end to his mysterious coolness?).

Back to present day, Mr. Eko gives an awesomely creepy speech to Michael about a boy who thought that a dog he killed because it mauled his sister will be waiting for him in hell. (Dog in hell = Cerberus = black smoke???). Then Michael’s insanity continues in this speech to Jack:

Michael: “It’s gotta be the way I said, just the five of us. Otherwise it won’t work. It WON’T WORK.”
Jack: “We’re going to figure that out.”
Michael: “I have already figured it out. It’s gotta be just the people who already know. You, me, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley. That’s it. Anybody else…will put him in more danger. You don’t get to decide this. It’s my son. It’s my call. And that’s the way it has to be.
Jack (long pause): Then that’s the way it’ll be.

WHAT! What the f@%k was Jack thinking? First of all, it’s not Michael’s call (as Sayid later points out). They’re going to battle where they could all die. That’s a group decision if I ever heard one. Second, Michael says, “It’s gotta be just the people who already know. You, me, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley.” You would think Jack would say:

Jack: “Uh, Locke and Eko know, too. Speaking of them, how bout we bring Mr. Eko with us – after all he IS that most badass person I’ve ever seen. Plus he cracks skulls with a friggin’ stick. Oh, and can we bring Locke, too? He’s a tracker who knows his way around guns and knives. Plus he’s got healing powers like Wolverine. Worse comes to worse, we could use him as a human shield. One more thing, can Sayid come? After all, he’s actually been in combat.”
Michael: “NO! It’s gotta be Kate… and Hurley.”
Jack: “The chick and the fat pussy dude? Jesus, Mike, should we bring Rose and Bernard, too? (Thinks for a beat) Well, I’m sold.”

Just when moments like these were actually making me yell at my TV, we cut to Claire and her baby. Charlie approaches and tries to make amends for kidnapping and almost drowning baby Aaron by… giving her some liquid “vaccine” he found. But don’t worry, he injected himself five minutes ago to make sure it was safe, and so far so good. Claire’s psyched, apparently she can’t wait to inject her child with a mysterious Dharma liquid. But it’s cool, the directions say, “Take every nine days. May cause dizziness, drowsiness, hallucinations, insanity, plot holes, death, and diarrhea.”

Flashback to thirteen days ago. Jack, Sawyer, Locke and Kate have gone to find Michael, who tore off from the Hatch to find Walt. Kate’s captured by the Others and used as leverage to get the Losties to relinquish their weapons. However, now we see that Michael WAS THERE, gagged up but a mere ten feet away from Kate – who apparently didn’t hear anything the Others said to Michael (even if she did, she probably wouldn’t have told anyone). Oh, and we also see Alex, Rousseau’s daughter, who sweetly fires off questions to Michael (who’s gagged) about Claire’s baby before she smashes him in the face with the butt of her gun. Interesting side note: The girl who plays Alex is the geeky girl from Malcolm in the Middle – all growns up.

Present Day – Sayid is made aware that (not) Henry’s escaped and Ana Lucia and Libby are dead. Sayid wants to join them, but Jack says, “No.” Finally Sawyer articulates everything I’ve been yelling at the TV: “Eventhough Pippy Longstocking and the Grape Ape are ideal candidates for the Dirty Dozen, I’m just gonna say we might want to bring the Red Beret.” Thank you, Sawyer. Naturally when Sawyer tells Michael that Sayid is on board, Michael freaks out (for those keeping score, this is the third time he’s acted completely irrationally, and we’re half-way through the episode).

Flashback to eleven days ago: The Others take Michael to their camp, a ratty village located by the rock formation Walt told Michael about (http://lost.cubit.net/pics/2x22/ruins.jpg). In this village we also see another Hatch (http://lost.cubit.net/pics/2x22/newDharmaLogo.jpg), which we can assume is where Walt is being held. After Pickett takes some blood by plunging a syringe into Michael’s shoulder (and these are the “doctors” we saw in Claire’s episode?!), we’re introduced to Ms. Klugh (http://lostpedia.com/wiki/Ms._Klugh), an ominous “leader” of sorts who questions Michael about Walt. Naturally Michael can’t answer any of these questions because he missed Walt’s upbringing.

Cut to Present Day:

Michael: “You’re not coming.”
Sayid: “Welcome back, Michael.”

After Insane Michael’s irrationality #4, Sayid’s fully caught on that Michael’s “been compromised,” and agrees not to come. Then Vincent the Wonder Dog brings Charlie one of his heroin dolls from Sawyer’s stash. Charlie throws them in the ocean – I guess that vaccine is a way better high then heroin.

Back in the Hatch, there’s a nice bonding moment between Sawyer and Jack having guy talk while loading up their weapons. Sawyer tells Jack he banged Ana Lucia (“We got caught in a net”) because Jack’s the closest thing he’s got to a friend.

At the beach, while Hurley’s digging Libby’s grave, Michael tries to recruit him for the mission (#5, folks). Hurley states the obvious and asks why he should go. Michael prods, but Kate make him back off after Hurley denies him.

Flashback to three days ago. We’re 50 minutes in, and it looks like we might actually learn some new information about the Others considering Michael’s been in their camp for eight days. Ms. Klugh enters the tent to tell Michael that one of their people has been captured by the Losties and Michael has to get them back. Michael demands to see Walt, and she lets Walt in… for three minutes (re: the title of the show). Walt comes in (having spouting a few inches since we last saw him. Damn you, puberty!) and says that the Others make him take tests. Then Walt says, “They’re not who they say they are. They’re pretending.” Duh! Ms. Klugh gives Michael the task of bringing four people with him back to their camp, after freeing (not) Henry Gale, of course. If Michael succeeds, he gets Walt back… and the Others’ boat.

Present Day – The Funeral. Jack chit-chats with Sayid, who finally points out the most obvious thing to the thick-headed Jack – that Michael’s been compromised, freed Henry, and is leading them into a trap. During Hurley’s eulogy, he gets mad and decides to come with Michael to fight the Others (cue Michael’s subtle sigh of relief). Then Sun sees a sailboat approaching the beach… and we’re out.

Overall a frustrating episode. I’m annoyed by everyone’s naïveté at Michael’s obvious insanity. Especially Jack, our former man of Science and Logic. The back story showed a new locale, the Other’s camp, that we already know is a shame (from Kate’s finding of the costumes to Walt actually saying “they’re pretending”), so we have to expect that reveal tonight. Even the title annoyed me because I couldn’t figure out what it meant. How about “The List” or “It’s My Call”? I guess the only thing I really did like was the last few minutes when we find out that Sayid is on to Michael, thus giving him “the advantage,” and seeing Desmond’s sailboat at the end – and that’s only because seeing Desmond’s sailboat means ANSWERS!

Will anyone ask Desmond questions when they see him? What will happen when Sayid double-crosses Michael’s double-cross? After tonight will there be anything on TV to watch for the next three months????

Score (out of a possible 20)
Back Story: 5
Island Story: 6
Overall: 11


- All week Doc Jensen at EW.com has been posting interviews with the cast. Some interesting stuff, but most fluff. He interviews Jack, Sawyer, Michael, Eko, Jin, and Locke:

- M. Rod got some more jail time.

Not much else to report in the “Stuff you May Have Missed” category. All the Lost geeks are wrapped up in The Lost Experience. Personally, I’m done with that crap. The last time I played an online game was for the release of the movie “A.I.” – and what a whopping turd that movie turned out to be. These games are only marketing ploys ABC does to maintain interest in the show throughout the summer. And the Lost Experience is blatantly sponsored by Sprite. And now there’s a Lost video game, and some guy from the fictional Hanso Foundation is a guest on Jimmy Kimmel tonight. Too much, I need a break.

Speaking of turds – anyone see “The Da Vinci Code”? Ug, what a snoozefest. Worse than MI:3. All I have to look forward to this summer is X3 (which hopefully wasn’t completely destroyed by Brett Ratner), Superman, and The Fountain. If there’s anything else worth seeing out there, let me know!

Enjoy the last episode, and if Katharine McPhee doesn’t win I’ll go crazy…

Oh, and enjoy “Lost”, too.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

"Lost" - ?

“?” – Eko Story

All right, “?” – the Eko story. We start with a nice “Lost” dream sequence. This time it’s Eko’s, and we see a zombie-like Ana Lucia and Eko’s deceased brother, Yemi, both tell him that he has to join forces with Locke and go to the question mark. The dream was actually incredibly specific and accurate – as supposed to Charlie’s dream where he had to interpret what a flying dove and a floating baby carriage meant.

So Eko and company go to the hatch to find the dead Ana Lucia and the almost-dead Libby. The first reaction is to find (not) Henry Gale and make him pay for what they think he did. But Jack has to stay behind and tend to Libby’s last moments, so Eko volunteers, and enlists Locke’s tracking skills to help him out. And as Libby clings to dear life from her gut shots, Michael stands in the corner crapping his pants that she’ll rat him out.

That brings us to Eko’s back story. We find out that he’s still impersonating a priest, but he’s also trying to get to Los Angeles. However, divine intervention intervenes when a woman claims a miracle happened to her daughter, and Eko has to investigate. He starts by going to see the doctor who was about to perform the autopsy on the apparent drowning victim when she suddenly wakes up before the procedure. Pretty disturbing, but not entirely conclusive to Eko. So he probed further, this time going right to the source. But before he can question the girl who supposedly was brought back to life, her father steps in. He happens to be the psychic that told Claire to take the Oceanic flight that led to her keeping her baby (on a deserted island with no hope of rescue, but she kept it nonetheless). The father tells Eko that the coroner was covering up his own negligence, and his daughter was never dead, simply unconscious and hypothermic. She and his wife did this because they disagree with his occupation as a psychic who deceives people for a living.

Back on the island, Eko asks Locke about the question mark. When Locke doesn’t indulge him, Eko’s thundering head butt jogs his memory. They decide to go off to find the question mark – and we see that Locke no longer has the blind faith he once possessed. Their trail leads to the site of the Nigerian drug plane that Boone caused to crash, ultimately killing him (“a sacrifice the island demanded,” Locke says tongue-in-cheekly). That night, Yemi appears again in a dream, this time telling Eko to climb up to the site where the plan crashed. Eko climbs, then falls, but we find out that this was, in fact, Locke’s dream, and an undeniable link between the two of them.
Eko climbs the cliff and looks out to see (duh duh DAH), the question mark created by salting the ground underneath the crashed plane. Eko and Locke soon discover something hidden underneath the plane where the “period” of the question mark would be. After seeing that it’s a door to another hatch, Locke asks Eko if he can be the one to open it (after all, Locke does love his hatches).

What we discover in this new hatch was one of the cooler parts of this season. This hatch is Dharma Pearl, a monitoring station for all the other hatches on the island. Locke flicks on a monitor and see Jack bumming around in Dharma Swan. A computer print out shows a record of all the times the button was pushed (so I guess we can see what really happened when Henry allegedly didn’t push the button) . And an orientation video shows our friend Dr. Marvin Candle (now Dr. Mark Wickman) giving them instructions to the “experiment” in which the two-man team is to stay with the Pearl for three weeks to observe and record everything that occurs in the other Dharma stations. Dr. Candle tells them that what the people are doing in their hatches is not vital for them to know, but to the subjects, it is of the utmost importance. Towards the end, he mentions something about them taking a ferry to something, but it’s conveniently unintelligible.

At this point, Locke completely “loses his way”, just as Yemi told Eko in his dream. Locke sees the whole idea of pressing the button as an elaborate ruse – a ploy to get the subjects to do the bidding of the experiment so that they can be observed. At this point, I thought the same thing. But that takes us to Eko’s last back story scene…

At the airport, on his way to Los Angeles after proving the “miracle” was a fraud, he is met by the girl in question. She tells him that his dead brother Yemi had given her a message while she was dead. Yemi wanted her to tell Eko that he was a good priest, and he has faith in him, even though he doesn’t have faith in himself. This pushes Eko’s button (ha ha), and he raises his voice to prompt the obligatory character walk-on (this time it’s Libby).

In Dharma Pearl, Eko tells Locke the story of Yemi and the odd coincidence of how Eko and Yemi’s body were reunited, having come full circle from the day Eko first killed a man and gave Yemi the cross from his neck. Eko says how he thinks they are being tested, and that if Locke won’t push the button, he will.

Back in the other hatch story, Jack has sent Kate and Sawyer to get some heroin from Sawyer’s stash to make Libby more comfortable before she dies (and also so Kate can see where the guns are hidden). On their way back, they run into Hurley, and bring him back to the hatch to see Libby. I guess Hurley’s bad luck followed him to the island after all. Jack gives Libby the heroin, and Hurley and Libby have a touching Emmy-clip moment together – “I’m sorry I forgot the blankets (tear).” Libby comes to just for a second, but long enough to say “Michael”. Jack tells her Michael is okay, and then she dies. Hurley’s devastated, Kate’s sobbing, but Michael breathes a huge sigh of relief while staring at the hatch’s computer that sent him on this murderous path.

Overall, I really enjoyed this one. The island stories had both strong emotional elements (the “Libby dying” story) and furthered the overall plot of the series with the introduction of the Dharma Pearl station. And the back story was intriguing, raised questions, and related directly to the themes of the island story without being boring.

So, what’s it all mean? Did Claire’s psychic, who was instrumental in putting Claire on Oceanic flight 815, also play a role in Eko ending up there? After all, if he conceded it was a miracle that happened to his daughter, Eko would miss that flight. Is he a part of the Dharma Initiative? How did the girl know about Yemi and Eko’s faux-piety? Did they meet in (gulp)… purgatory?

Another thing I liked was how Eko (hopefully) got Locke back being the Man of Faith that we all liked in Season One. This season Locke has been all over the place, like letting himself be played by (not) Henry. Eko provided the much-needed slap in the face (or in this case a head butt) that showed Locke that something supernatural is going on, and it’s much bigger than being rats in a maze monitored by an abandoned station… at least I hope so.

Plus Ana Lucia’s dead, and that rules!

Score (out of a possible 20)
Back Story: 8
Island Story: 9
Overall: 17


Here’s a funny one: http://www.islostnewthisweek.com/

Here M. Rod talks about how “Jail was cool”:

Some pics to check out (like the tray of weed in the Pearl – which I guess would help make three weeks of observation a little more tolerable)

Don’t forget http://www.thelostexperience.com/ for all the update “Lost Experience” goodies.

Bad Twin Info:

I found this on some message board. It basically gives all the “important” connections to the series, as well as a bunch of useless crap.

  • Troup visited Sydney often.
  • He seemed to be in a romantic relationship with Cindy Chandler, flight attendant on Oceanic. The book is dedicated to her: "Cindy, my highest-flying angel"

  • First letter from Christine DeVries, Senior Editor at Walkabout Publishing, to Gary Troup. Dated Aug. 16, 2004. Troup lived at 481 W. 64th St., NY, NY.
  • Second letter from Troup to DeVries. Dated Aug. 23, 2004. Walkabout Publishing is at 4200 Queen St., Sydney.

  • Main character is named Paul Artisan.

  • Clifford "Cliff" Widmore, son to the Widmore fortune/business.
  • Cliff has a left handed twin.
  • Widmore Building is on 57th St., NY.
  • Widmore empire started with real estate in New York. Expanded to Florida, California , the Caribbean, and beyond.
  • Besides real estate, rumors and whispers of other businesses. "arcane construction and engineering projects, investments in a wide range of scientific enterprises, both mainstream and fringe [...]involvement in offshore ventures that would be illegal on U.S. soil;[...]hinted at classified defense contracting or private security work or questionable ethics."
  • Father (Arthur) Widmore is ill (heart condition and possibly senile).
  • Stepmother (Vivian) Widmore is "a loose cannon and a bit of a hysteric" (according to Cliff.

  • Manny Weissman, professor of classics at Columbia University.
  • Weissman and Artisan share a dog named Argos. Yes, it seems like a silly thing to bring up, but the Argos Satellite system has come up before in connection to Lost. http://www.thefuselage.com/Threaded/...ad.php?t=22281 In the book the dog is named after Odysseus's dog. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Odysseus (My guess is this is the Lost writers mocking us again... but you never know).
  • The idea of doppelgangers is brought up.

  • Hanso Foundation is on the 42nd floor of the Widmore Building.

  • Cliff's twin brother is named Zander, as in Alexander.
  • Zander went to Yale.

  • Paul Artisan, detective. Hired by Cliff Widmore to find his twin brother.
  • Cliff Widmore born 8-16
  • Alexander (Zander) Widmore born 8-15
  • Zander is older than Cliff by 23 minutes.
  • Walter Sammler – dead guy in hospital. Died of natural causes – 42 years old
  • Eddie Ippolito – runs the Helios Foundation
  • Prudence is another detective. Pru’s sister works for an Australian biotech working with eucalyptus
  • The Odyssey
  • Beowulf
  • Gilgamesh
  • Trent’s Last Case – said to be “Far better than Turn of the Screw”
  • Lord of the Flies
  • Ivanhoe
  • King Lear
  • Confessions of Saint Augustine (In which Augustine is a bad kid… “fights and fornicates at every opportunity. But it’s exactly those experiences that set the stage for his redemption….His journey is the most significant because it’s also the most difficult.”

  • The twins are mirror images – Zander is a lefty. Sinister is the Latin word for left.
  • WidmoreBuilding rents 42nd floor to The Hanso Foundation
  • Hanso Foundation people are wearing white and mint green lab coats. All of them have short, clean haircuts. The desk the receptionist is sitting at is so sterile and cold it “could be a dissecting table”
  • Widmores are in a partnership with Paik Heavy Industry
  • Zander disappeared on 4/15
  • Cliff was married to a woman named Shannon Rogers. She killed herself. Her father was a surgeon from Larchmont. She went to Buckley and Vassar.
  • Paul Artisan asks a friend about her, says, “You said she was a piece of work?” and his response was “Yeah she is. Was.” Slip-up or not?
  • Shannon was described as Miss Totally Perfect.
  • The detective, Paul Artisan, explains that his family’s name was Berasategui, but was changed at Ellis Island when his great-grandfather said his occupation, artzain, which is the Basque word for shepherd
  • Eros and Thanatos – love and death – another pair of mirror images.
  • Mittlewerk is on the board of the Widmore Corporation. Arthur Widmore doesn’t like him. He says he much preferred when Alvar Hanso was on the board. Arthur says “Alvar is a gentleman”
  • Widmore money is described “as a curse” that they need to give away in order to be happy
  • Cliff only had one ally – Mittlewerk. Everyone else thought “Mittlewerk was dangerous – ambitious and brilliantly two-faced, a man acting out an agenda all his own”
  • Helios Foundation mentioned
  • Intercontinental (detective agency) mentioned
  • Purgatory discussed. “Purgatory. That’s where everything is up for grabs. The stakes could not be higher. There’s suffering, but unlike on earth, the suffering isn’t senseless and random. It has meaning and a purpose. Destinies balance on a knife edge…Purgatory is the second chance…The hard road and the only road that can lead to redemption.”
  • Murder discussed. “…murder was an absolute offense. It could not be added on to. You couldn’t double infinity, and you couldn’t make murder more heinous by doing it twice, or twenty times. Which meant that there was no reason for someone who had killed not to kill again.”
  • Yin-Yang: “people capable of big evil are also capable of big goodness”
  • Island hopping: Manhattan, Peconiquot, Key West, Cuba “earth-size game of connect-the-dots”
  • “Life is complicated. That’s the point. It isn’t like a string of numbers, you add them up, there’s only one solution.”
  • “Not all who wander are lost. There’s a reason, a value, in the wandering, in the journey.”

  • Paisley occurs often in the book. It’s on ties, in tattoos…
  • Green is used constantly to describe a number of things, and in surprising places. I don’t really know the connection, but it is used to describe (among other things):
  • Water
  • Sky
  • A hat
  • Central Park
  • Black pearls
  • drinks
  • Paul goes to Mr. Cluck’s
  • They fly Oceanic Airlines
  • The author of the book, Gary Troup, was dating a flight attendant for Oceanic Airlines, Cindy, who disappeared with him on Oceanic Flight 815

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VIDEO: Kiefer vs. Christmas Tree

Finally, the video of Kiefer Sutherland tackling a Christmas tree.

...And to all a good night.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Society for Pretentious Lost Fans

I know I usually reserve my Lost blatherings to one email a week, but I’ve found some stuff too precious not to share.

First, USA Today had a huge article on Lost found here: http://www.usatoday.com/life/television/news/2006-05-09-lost_x.htm

In the article, they mention a few other sites devoted to discussing the show, but the most interesting one I found was this: www.loststudies.com

You gotta check this out. This site is for supposed Lost “scholars” who have gotten together to form the Society for The Study of Lost. In the site you’ll find essays (http://www.loststudies.com/1.1/index.html), sonnets (http://www.loststudies.com/1.1/sonnets.html), a master list of all possible topics and theories (http://www.loststudies.com/losttv/index.html), and, my personal favorite, haikus (http://www.loststudies.com/1.1/haiku.html). I like the one the goes:

four eight fifteen six-
teen twenty-three forty-two
they must mean something

And if you like, you can visit The Caves (http://www.loststudies.com/caves/index.html). Notice the sub-heading, “Seek here the springs of wisdom.”

I searched around and found one such spring:

  • In the "If They Do Get Off The Island" thread, a few of us were tossing around humorous epilogues to the show. As this line of silliness developed, I remembered a line from Hotel California (something in response to Jacksgirlfriend, who actually started this whole thought process by suggesting a name for the post-show Island resort I thought the Rich Kids might open). Anyway: In Hotel California there's a line that we are all familiar with (if you know the song): We are all just prisoners here of our own device.
And here I was dismissing any correlations between Don Henley and Lost! For shame!

And if you’re thirsting for more, apparently a collection of essays spewed from the collective minds of these Lost scholars can be found in a book coming out in August called Getting Lost: Survival, Baggage and Starting Over in J.J. Abrams' Lost. Hey, if anyone wants to get me an early Hanukah present, I won’t say no!

The best part is that you can apply for membership into the Society’s selective Google Group message board. I’ve tried to apply, but it seems they’re not taking applicants at this time. Instead I get this:

You cannot view or post messages because you are not currently a member. Members must be approved before joining.

Description: The Society for the Study of Lost is an international organization devoted to the critical appreciation of the televisions series Lost. We invite article submissions, reviews of Lost resources, and applications for board membership of our associated peer-reviewed e-journal, Lost Online Studies.


I just wanted to share my utter disdain for these people. Hey, I can appreciate a good geek-out over a TV show as much as, or probably more than the next guy. But to veil it under this mask of complete pretension is insane. It’s a TV show, not the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Ok then, one small second thing – a new Lost Experience finding.

On the Hanso Foundation website (http://thehansofoundation.org/), I found another couple links to some wackiness. Under “Executive Bios”, under the famous Hanso picture you can click on the date “October 23, 2003”. The click at the bottom of the arrow, the in the now circled date. You’ll see a map that shows the sightings of Hanso. And if you go to the bio of Thomas Middelwerk, there a box to type text in. Type “heir apparent” and see where it goes.

Also, there’s loads of stuff on the site http://www.thelostexperience.com/. Just check in there to get the skinny on any updates.

That’s all for now. Enjoy tonight’s episode, and Namaste.

"Lost" - Two For The Road

“Two For The Road” – Ana Lucia Story

After Jack and Kate find Michael, we cut to our man (not) Henry Gale. Ana Lucia gets a little too close and HG gets her with choke hold. Fortunately Locke is there to beat Henry over the head with his light weight aluminum crutch, knocking him out cold. This leads us to our first Ana Lucia back story installment of the episode. Here we find Ana Lucia dealing with the aftermath of her cold-blooded gunning down of some dude. I especially liked her exchange with her mom, the weathered Rachel Ticotin, about her alibi:

Mom: Where were you last night?

AL: I made dinner, then watched some TV.

Mom: What’d you watch?

AL: DUUUUUHHHH…. You got me. I’m a murderer.

Doesn’t think on her feet too well, which I guess is the reason she opted for the airport “wander” job once she quit the force. After downing her tough-girl drink (tequila and tonic - gag), she meets Jack’s Dad – one of the most interesting back story characters of the show. As usual, he’s shitfaced, and he offers her a trip to Sydney as his protection. Naturally, she’s accepts the invite from the drunk stranger.

Back on the island, Ana is about to give herself some tough-girl stitches in her forehead when Libby approaches. Foreshadowing of Ana’s Death #1 – Libby says to her, “Don’t do anything stupid.” This takes us back to Ana’s stupid decision to go to Australia. Her we find Jack’s father super-drunk and ready to take Ana (who herself was ready to hit the bottle in the middle of the night) to wherever he was going that required protection. Turns out he was going to visit his daughter in Sydney. Does Jack know he has a sister? Is the sister someone on the island? Is it Claire? At that point Ana Lucia sees that Jack’s Dad isn’t the charming belligerent drunk she thought he was.

Then we set up Hurley and Libby’s picnic, and Sayid mentions the last female causality, Shannon, and everyone takes a moment to reflect on how much we don’t miss her. But back in the hatch, someone we DID miss, Michael, has returned all jacked up. Locke is skeptical about why Michael was all alone, and Jack said it’s because of the yelling. This almost seemed like a role reversal for those two – Locke being the skeptic and Jack having faith that Michael just followed the sound of his voice. Can’t wait to see how this turns out.

So now ladies and gentleman, after almost two seasons (or two months) on the island, the unthinkable happens – two people (who aren’t married) HAVE SEX! I know, Sayid and Shannon did it, too, but that was lame pre-meditated, candlelit, “I love you” sex. Ana Lucia and Sawyer did it Brokeback-style (fighting that turns to passion).

Then we go back to Sydney, where Jack’s Dad tells Ana that they’re both running away from their problems, and that he can’t ever go back. Cue the moment where we see someone else on the island in the back story (Sawyer gets hit with the car door), and we’re…

Back on Sawyer, this time in his post-coital, “look at me with my shirt off,” Men’s Health cover pose. Of course, that fact that Ana just had sex was the “Foreshadowing of Ana’s Death #2” – a classic horror movie convention. I was half expecting her to walk into an abandoned house built on an Indian burial ground.

Back at the hatch, Michael wakes up and tells everybody that the Others are barefoot savages living in tents and tee-pees (WTF?) and they only have two guns, and they eat fish like Tom Hanks in Castaway. Meanwhile, Kate made the decision to NOT speak up about the fact that they wear costumes and worked in a somewhat sophisticated medial facility up until about one month ago. Jack knew this too, but I guess they were just hearing what they wanted to hear. So it’s decided, they’ll get the guns from Sawyer and take on the Others. Jack and Locke have a nice heart to heart where Jack apologizes for believing (not) Henry Gale’s story. Locke vows to not keep things from one another, for at least the next five minutes or so. After all, Locke did just lie to Jack about Gale laying the smack down on Ana Lucia.

Back at the beach, Sawyer’s enjoying the “Bad Twin” manuscript (more on that later) when he’s confronted by Jack, Locke and Kate (who is there specifically so the writers could get Ana alone with Michael and Henry). They ask Sawyer for the guns, and after some Southern Sawyer Sassin’, Jack pulls a gun on him. As this moment, Sawyer realizes that he doesn’t have a loaded Beretta tucked into the crack of his ass. In his defense, he did just get laid for the first time in a long time – he was probably in extended refractory period. Nevertheless, once they realize Ana Loo Loo has a gun, Locke spills the dirt on Ana. If I were Jack, I would have given Locke a Three Stooges smack to the face. What a maroon!

So Ana Lucia confronts her attacker with a gun (déjà vu), but before she can pull the trigger, Gale talks about how Goodwin thought he could change Ana, and how he probably wasn’t going to kill her. Man, those Others. Just when they got you thinking they’re pure evil, they feed you these nuggets that they might just be good after all. I mean Gale did tell Locke that he was coming for him because he was “one of the good ones.”

After the commercials, we go back to the back story and revisit the tearful Jack airport scene from season 1. Ana Lucia’s listening to this, so she calls her Mom and says she wants to come home. But first she has to get a tequila and tonic and try to pick up another drunk (remember she sees Jack at the bar before the flight).

But poor weathered-looking Rachel Ticotin will never see “mi hija” again because in the hatch, Ana caved and couldn’t pull the trigger (literally) on killing Henry. So she gives the gun to Michael…

Four bullets later, Ana Lucia’s dead, Libby’s mortally wounded (I assume), Michael’s got a gun shot to the shoulder, and I can only assume Henry has escaped.

So, what do I think about the death if Ana Lucia? Well, surprisingly I’m happy and sad. I’m glad because she always bothered me, both her character and her acting. But I’m kind of concerned about the ever-decreasing number of hot chicks on the show. Especially after A.L. got down with Sawyer, she suddenly looked a lot more attractive to me. And Libby was also giving off a stink, even though it was combined with Hurley’s “fat-guy-smell”. Now they’re both gone, so we have to contend with broad-shoulders Kate, who I think America is officially “over” (especially after it’s confirmed she’s bonin’ the hobbit), Claire, who’s always holding that damn possessed baby, and Sun – who’s married AND preggers (which equals “not hot”). I never thought I’d been longing for the days of Shannon sunbathing. Also, what chance do we have that the island will produce more hot chicks? We’ve already met the Tailies, the Others are all jacked up… so what are we left with? Rose and Rousseau? Ugh, I’d rather watch the Sex and the City girls.

Score (out of a possible 20)
Back Story: 6 (short, not very compelling)
Island Story: 8 (bonus points for the ending)
Overall: 14


The Lost Experience:

You may have heard of the online game that they’re doing to tie in with the show. Well I guess it kicked off last Wednesday. There’s an updated site for the Hanso Foundation: http://thehansofoundation.org/

Lots of bizarre stuff, but mostly the usual electro-magnetism and age enhancing stuff, plus the bios on some bios on the Hanso executives. Cool-looking site, but Joop, the 105-year-old orangutan, bugs me out. Speaking of Joop…

Near the end of the episode, there’s was that Hanso Foundation commercial with a phone number, 1-877-HANSORG. This is the first clue of the Lost Experience. Instead of calling, here’s what it says:


It sounds like the Princess Leia distress call, but instead it’s from someone named Persephone (hmmm, perhaps it’s Alex, Rousseau’s daughter???) – basically at the end there’s instructions for a password to use on the Hanso site. Here’s the method:

1. Go the “newsletter” page of the site.
2. Enter any sign up name.
3. Enter “yes” when asked if your there.
4. Enter “breakingstrain” as the password. It’ll show some flashing images of Joop.
5. Log in again using your log in name.
6. Go to the “Ask Joop” page.
7. Ask him anything.
8. You got to some weird looking screen with moving bubble-looking things. For me random double clicking on the bubbles yielded a document that you have to move a circular light around to read. It talks about a new strain of the meningococcal disease in Tanzania. Something about Zanzibar, etc.
9. Click on the signature for another document.
10. Click on the circled name.
11. Then click anywhere to get back to the Hanso site.

Don’t know where it goes from there, but I assume putting in you user name over the next few weeks will do something. Oh, and there are theories that Joop has Hanso’s brain.

Remember that manuscript Hurley found, Bad Twin? Well, now there’s a site about it.


Apparently the character in the book deals with the Widmore company (the one that made Sun’s pregnancy test) and the Hanso Foundation, and under Troup’s other works is “The Valenzetti Equation.” “Valenzetti” is written on the blacklight map. Oh, and don’t forget that “Gary Troup” rearranged spells “purgatory”. Don’t worry, I’ll read it and give a full book report. Wow, watching “Lost” has somehow turned into a middle school English class. In that case, I’ll search the internet for someone else who’s read it and copy what they say.

In case any of you “readers” out there are interested: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1401302769/104-9251893-4691159

Here’s an interview with Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof.

Here’s some info about the upcoming episodes:

“?” – Mr. Eko story - Mr. Eko enlists Locke to help find a secret location he believes houses answers to the island's mysteries. Meanwhile, Jack and the other survivors struggle to cope with the horrific situation in the hatch.

“Three Minutes.” - Michael story. A determined Michael convinces Jack and several castaways to help him rescue Walt from 'The Others.' Meanwhile, Charlie struggles with Eko's decision to discontinue building the church.

“Live Together, Die Alone.” - Desmond story (hell yeah!) The two-hour season finale. J.J. Abrams was on the Howard Stern Show on Monday and described the episode as “mind-blowing.” “After discovering something odd just offshore, Jack and Sayid come up with a plan to confront ‘The Others’ and hopefully get Walt back. Meanwhile, Eko and Locke come to blows as Locke makes a potentially cataclysmic decision regarding the ‘button and the hatch.’”

Spill your forties for our fallen homies...

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Crazy Kiefer's Back

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Thanks to K.Z. for suppling me with my fix for drunken Kiefer pics!

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Stephen Colbert at White House Correspondents' Dinner

It's pretty amazing that after 6 years of ripping on Bush, Colbert actually got to do it to his face.

EDIT: YouTube took down the video. LAME!